Order form changes during the refinish process will be accommodated if/where possible - The original order form submission is final and trumps any missed change orders throughout the process.

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Personalized Putter Services


Embrace Putters is committed to providing the best personalized putters so you can look and putt great on the green. If you don't see something you like, feel free to get in touch and we can talk ideas.


Custom putter refinishing starting at $150.00

Choose between:

Refurbishment* - $150

Torched - $165

Black Oxide - $165

Polymer - $185

TeI3 Refurb - $185

PVD (Gold, Rose Gold, Black Shadow, Blue) - $190

Copper Plated - $220

Nickel Plated - $220

Paint fill only - $60

All refinishes include removal of dings/dents (where possible) and paint fill 


Re-milling - $55.00

Paint Splatter - $35.00

Logo/Engraving - $50.00

Hand Stamping - $5 per letter/number

Add Site line - $55.00

Add Site dot - $30.00

Detour Copper Face Insert - $120.00

New Shaft - $30.00 (Chrome) 

                           - $45.00 (Black Shaft) 

                               - $200.00 (Stability Tour)

Weld Neck - $150.00

Twist Neck - $120.00


Lead times vary by the finish option - See refinish options and information below.

*Plated putters have an additional fee of $60 and an additional 2 weeks lead time to remove the plating.

REFURBISH* - $150.00

Lead time = Approximately 4 weeks

Restore your old faithful putter back to it's original condition

- Removal of dings/dents (where possible)

- High buff shine OR satin finish

- Paint fill of your choice 

* Raw heads only. Does not include plating removal, re-plating or face re-milling (additional fees occur)


Lead time = Approximately 4 weeks

Bring some heat to your putter with a custom torched finish!

- Removal of dings/dents (where possible)

- High buff shine or satin look

- Torch to desired color (Gold/Purples/Blues/Grays)

PVD - $190.00

Lead time = Approximately 4-8 weeks

Our most durable finish! With color options of;

  • Black Shadow

  • Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Blue

- Removal of dings/dents (where possible)

Copper/Nickel Plated - $220.00

Lead time = Approximately 4-6 weeks

Add some bling to your putter with this extremely durable copper or nickel plated finish

- Removal of dings/dents (where possible)

- High buff shine or satin finish

- Copper or Nickel plated finish


Embrace Putters

13100 Sunridge Drive

Fountain Hills, AZ



Lead time = 6-8 weeks

BLACK OXIDE** - $165.00

Lead time = Approximately 4-5 weeks

Scotty Cameron Teryllium putters have an additional fee (+$20) and an additional 1 week lead time

- Removal of dings/dents (where possible)

- Shiny black oxide OR Satin black oxide

**Carbon Steel Heads Only


Lead time = Approximately 5 weeks

Customize your putter in a variety of different colors with a durable polymer finish

- Removal of dings/dents (where possible)

- Polymer finish (multiple colors)

- Paint fill of your choice